About Heather

I am a fresh graduate from Southwest Baptist University with a Bachelor's of Science in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Youth and a minor in Theology.  Even though I'm only 22 years old, I have three years of paid experience and a passion that can't help but flow out in every conversation.  In addition to working with youth in a churched setting, I took on positions in residential facilities, working with unchurched at-risk youth.  I am dedicated to reaching cross-culturally, cross-generationally, and cross-gender to create a theologically-rich and discipleship-centered youth ministry culture.   Youth ministry isn't my career, but my lifestyle.

Another passion that I have is for humanitarian causes, which I infuse into my students and anyone else who will listen.  I love everything and anything crafty: making jewelry, scrapbooking, card-making, and any DIY projects.  I'm a huge St. Louis Cardinals Baseball fan.  I'm a city girl at heart, I often say that I'm STL-born and commissioned.  I love pink, floral patterns, and cardigans; I have girly taste.  Yet I'm also pretty laid-back and chill (outside of my OCD work habits).  I love drinking coffee and Coke.  Another one of my favorite things is Christian rap; if you were to go to a rap or gospel concert with me, you would see a very different side of me!  It’s obvious that I love to blog, but I love to read them even more!  I was voted “Most Likely to Have Her Own Talk Show” in high school; this reflects my desire to learn and gain new information (as well as my desire to talk!).

In addition to all of this, I'm also the prettiest contributor at YouthMin.Org.  This is very exciting for me, so you should check out the page and show the site some love.

Sometimes I cannot orate what I mean automatically; I need time to sort through things.  Blogging is my way of doing so.  Remember that even though I do youth ministry, what I post on my blog is not necessarily the views of the congregation or my denomination (just a small disclaimer!)  After reading this, hopefully you will see that Heather's Heart is a very human heart that is after God.

What do my friends think? Watch this video of a song my friends wrote for me for my birthday and read this sonnet my good friend wrote about me!